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Fawns & Fellows™ is a professional, licensed boutique esthetics studio and day spa located in the heart of downtown Vancouver. We are dedicated to perfecting the art of esthetics while providing personalized service in an intimate and inviting environment. Our products are carefully curated, and your services thoughtfully carried out in your own private retreat within the city.

*Services by Appointment Only: Currently fully booked and not accepting new clientele. Retail sales generally available Monday to Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm by prearranged pick-up, or by shopping online!

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Finally, an alternative to lash extensions, fake eyelashes,
multiple coats of mascara and prescription lash serums.

Your natural lashes, lifted, curled, darkened and glossed with
a keratin treatment - for 8 to 12 weeks!  No removal required.

Throw away your eyelash curler, put away your expensive mascara...
Look like you wake up in makeup!

The first Canadian exclusively trained in Los Angeles by famed Master Trainer Elysee Zhadikpur, Rebecca Starr has made the Lash Lift famous in Canada and synonymous with the Fawns & Fellows™ day spa!

L.A. educated - Vancouver perfected:
Miss Starr has developed a unique style, using proprietary tools and techniques, and only the finest and custom made products available to give clients the best lift and tint possible. Often imitated, never duplicated…
Accept no imitations, and book with the original VanCity Keratin Lash Lift guru...

Clients, celebrities and models have flown from New York, Hawaii, across Canada and have driven distances from the States just to get a coveted appointment with Miss Starr!

Please Note: Unfortunately, she is currently fully booked and not accepting new clientele.



NEW CLIENT?: Currently not accepting new clients.

EXISTING CLIENT?: Check your Return Client calendar link for availability or book in person at your next appointment.

E-mail with any questions if they are not addressed by the FAQ's below!
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REAL results from a Lash Lift at Fawns & Fellows™!

REAL results from a Lash Lift at Fawns & Fellows™!

You will relax on an estheticians bed in our private studio with music of your choice, or sleep in silence during the 5 step treatment.  Depending on the length and density of your natural lashes, the procedure will take about 90 minutes to complete.  As you relax with your eyes closed, your lower lashes will be protected using an anti-aging treatment gel pad while the keratin lifting treatment is applied, along with a lash boosting tint.  Finally your eyes will be cleaned, and prepped for the next 24 hours with a keratin treatment mascara.
Many clients find the treatment so comfortable that they drift off to sleep!
Loved by models and celebrities such as Bar Refaeli, Kylie Jenner, and Karrueche Tran!
The secret that is already popular overseas, and preps models for mascara commercials is finally revealed!



Is there any deposit required?
Not at the moment.  But...
We care about our beloved clients and want to accommodate as many of you as possible with as short of wait times as possible...  Cancellations under the 48 hour mark, rescheduling and forgotten appointments causes others to miss out - which isn't cool.  So, please be mindful of the following rules, or you will be asked to pay IN FULL for the missed appointment and ahead of another appointment if you do not obey the following rules:


  • 48 HOUR RULE: In the event that you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment for any reason at all, you MUST reschedule 48 hours (or more) prior to your scheduled appointment time (using the link in your e-mailed appointment confirmation, reminder OR your personal online account - no phone calls or texts will be considered as cancellation notice). Failing to do so will result in being billed in full for your appointment,

  • Ensure to book your appointment dates and times carefully, taking into consideration all before and after care! Last minute changes because you need to swim or wear eye makeup within 24 hours are not accepted.

  • Put it in your calendar... Write it on your forehead... Whatever YOU need to do to ensure YOU can make it to your appointment. The FlexBooker system will send an automated courtesy reminder before your appointment (if you have opted in for text and e-mail reminders), but neither FlexBooker nor Fawns & Fellows™ are responsible for reminding you 48 hours prior to your appointment. (We are all adults here and can all manage our own lives, right?)

  • Rescheduled appointments can be difficult to accommodate - keep in mind there could be a wait time.
    In order to reschedule online bookings please refer to your confirmation e-mail.

  • Tardiness in excess of a few minutes will likely not allow time for a complete service, and may be cancelled at Fawns & Fellows™ discretion.

  • IMPORTANT: No-shows, constantly cancelling and rebooking/moving appointments and last minute cancellations (under 48 hours) get you on a list you don't want to be on: You will be removed from advance booking and may be disallowed from securing any future dated appointments. If permitted to book again you will need to pay ahead in full to secure the appointment.

  • Just like your local pizza place when ordering online, we may require you to confirm your appointments from time-to-time, and will expect a response to the texts/e-mails sent to the number/e-mail address you use to make the booking or your appointment may be cancelled at Fawns & Fellows discretion due to non-response.

Want to know more about how the competition in the lash enhancement world stacks up?  See below....

Read all that? That’s awesome! The bad news? If you didn’t catch it at the top of this page and throughout the website: We are fully booked with Return Clientele and cannot accept any new clients at this time. Thank you all for your interest and continued support!

*Return clients: Login to your personal e-mailed link to see your bookings!  Using your link to book anyone else other than yourself is strictly forbidden.

Disclaimer:  If you receive an error message or don’t receive a confirmation text back from the automated system, you are not booked; Only our master schedule of appointment times can be honored.  When unforeseen circumstances arise (including but not limited to:  injury/illness, weather, building issues, booking discrepancies) appointments may be cancelled at the sole discretion of Fawns & Fellows™ without liability.  Appointments and booking links are non-transferable between other clients and third parties.  The Company reserves the right to limit and revoke booking capabilities due to non compliance and misuse.


Comparison to other lash treatments:

While everyone has their favorite way to enhance their lashes, and all are effective means to attain
varying degrees of results, here's why we love to incorporate Yumi Lashes™ products into our customized Lash Lift!

Keratin Lash Lift Lashes:

  • Lasts 8-12 weeks

  • No fills required

  • No removal required

  • Resculpts, lifts, darkens and curves the lashes

  • Save time in the morning (most don't want to wear mascara after a treatment; no need for a curler)

  • No need to avoid swimming, working out, saunas or steam rooms

  • Ability to use ANY mascara, eye makeup or makeup remover

  • Eyes appear brighter, with a wide-eyed, lifted, open look

  • More natural looking than other alternatives; you but better

  • No need to 'untangle' lashes with a special brush and you can still rub your eyes!

  • Great for everyone and every eye shape - make the most of your lashes:

    • Straight lashes appear lifted and more open

    • Tightly curled lashes are softened to show off true length

  • No harsh chemicals

  • Hypoallergenic and non-toxic

  • Paraben and formaldehyde-free

  • Can still wear false lashes, if desired

  • Can be performed prior to eyelash extensions, if desired

  • EU approved (which has some of the most rigorous cosmetics standards in the world)

  • Great for men too! Like a mini eye-lift. Tailored to suit men with downwards-turned lashes.

Lash Extensions

  • Not very long lasting

  • Costly refils and removal

  • Not always natural looking

  • High maintenance wear and care rules

  • Doesn't curl or darken the natural lashes

  • Many clients report lash loss and damage

  • Various brands made in various countries, under different standards

  • Common allergies and irritation to glues

False Lashes

  • Combersome and time consuming

  • Difficult to apply for some people

  • Short lived payoff

  • Some find the need to bring glue on the go for touch-ups

  • Not always natural looking

  • Common allergies and irritation to glues

Lash Perms

  • Curls the lashes from the tips, so lashes actually appear shorter

  • Harsh, noxious and dangerous chemicals

  • Drying and damaging to the lashes

  • Usually extra money to tint the lashes

  • Cheap tinting products used

  • Thin lash appearance and inconsistent curl

  • Short-lived results

Growth Serums

  • Must be use consistently to maintain results

  • Lashes appear 'stretched' and scattered

  • Can make lashes appear bent and crooked

  • Prescription required for effective formulas

  • Can change color of iris permanently if not careful

  • Darkens the skin around the eyes

  • Can cause irritation

All of the contents of this website are protected from copying under Canadian and international copyright laws and treatises.  Any unauthorized copying, reproduction, alteration, distribution, transmission, performance, display, translation or other use of materials in this website without the author's (Fawns & Fellows™) express written permission is prohibited.  A hyperlink from another website to this site is only permitted with written permission.

*Prices subject to change without notice
**Additional dates may be released at the discretion of the Company at any time, without notice, subject to availability (i.e if Rebecca cancels her vacation).

***Fawns & Fellows™ is not responsible for any costs associated with receiving notifications (i.e. texts).  You will be notified for every selected wait list time slot that becomes available, and Fawns & Fellows™ cannot remove you from future notifications even if you have obtained an appointment or no longer wish to be on the wait list(s).