Fawns & Fellows

Fawns & Fellows™ is a professional, licensed boutique esthetics studio and day spa located in the heart of downtown Vancouver. We are dedicated to perfecting the art of esthetics while providing personalized service in an intimate and inviting environment. Our products are carefully curated, and your services thoughtfully carried out in your own private retreat within the city.

*Services by Appointment Only: Currently fully booked and not accepting new clientele. Retail sales only available by future-dated prearranged pick up, or by shopping online (ship for free)! Please note: EyEnvy does not allow us to sell online or ship to you (their rules, not ours)

EyEnvy™ Lash Enhancement Products

Fawns & Fellows™ is a proud retailer of the famous EyEnvy™ line of lash enhancement products.  The EXCLUSIVE Spa and Salon brand that will give you amazing results!

VITAMIN and BIO-PEPTIDE based lash growth without the nasty side effects of dangerous Prostaglandin based products made under unregulated conditions in foreign countries!

See the EyEnvy™ website for answers to all your burning FAQ's on their products that have a cult following in the beauty industry: www.eyenvy.ca/faq.html


Lash Conditioner

EyEnvy™ Lash Conditioner is a coveted lash growth serum that has everyone buzzing and forgetting about that prescription "L" word growth product (that comes with a host of side effects and a hefty price tag to match).  Fawns & Fellows™ sells the EyEnvy™ line at the lowest prices available to get the TOP products into our customers hands so they can have the best natural lashes without breaking their bank:

- 3-5* Month Supply (2.0ml)

- 5-9* Month Supply (3.5ml)


Intense Mascara

Experience conditioned lashes and an enhanced look at the same time!  This amazing mascara contains Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17 (a keratin boosting peptide) for a formula that not only conditions and nourishes, but helps in the lengthening of your own natural lashes. Forget traditional drying and damaging mascara! Protect and treat lashes while enhancing them with a lush, ultra dark black pigment.  Smudge and water resistent - easy to remove!

- 6.0ml


Where To Buy

Contact us for more information on application and to arrange for purchase info@fawnsandfellows.com, or text or e-mail us to set up a time to come by and grab the products in person, Please note: EyEnvy strictly forbids the online sale and shipping of product (their rules, not ours). Sorry! :-(

Never used EyEnvy before? We will get in touch to explain application techniques and mail you a directions pamphlet.



*depending on usage (Manufacturer suggests using as little as possible and only using every other day after 3 months - it works THAT well)

EyEnvy and Keratin Lash Lift Results

Real Results on a Fawns & Fellows™ Client

These are REAL client results using the EyEnvy™ Lash Conditioner combined with a Fawns & Fellows™ Keratin Lash Lift treatment to show off the increased length and volume it provides!