Fawns & Fellows

Fawns & Fellows™ is a professional, licenced boutique esthetics studio and day spa located in the heart of downtown Vancouver. We are dedicated to perfecting the art of esthetics while providing personalized service in an intimate and inviting environment. Our products are carefully curated, and your services thoughtfully carried out in your own private retreat within the city.

*Services by Appointment Only: Currently fully booked and not accepting new clientele, except for cancellation with lash appointments (see details on Keratin Lash Lift page). Retail sales generally available Monday to Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm by prearranged pick-up, or via mail!


Escape the ordinary at Fawns & Fellows™...

Meet Rebecca Starr.  She'll be your host while you stop by... be it for a lush lash lift, seasonal skin reset, or beautiful brow shaping session. There is no set of lashes too stubborn, or suffering skin to scare her away… so bring her your unruly brows and flat lashes, your parched and sallow skin.  ...Just kidding!  She knows you already sparkle and shine - she just wants to buff and fluff you to perfection!  As a self-proclaimed and externally acknowledged perfectionist, she believes it's that extra 10% that sets her work at Fawns & Fellows™ apart from the masses..

The devil is truly in the details… so pull up a chair, listen to our carefully curated music, sip on our selection of unique beverages, and enjoy your stay.  ...because not everyone wants to hear Tranquil Sounds of the Forest while they relax during a facial, or listen to the nattering of fellows patrons while crammed next to 8 other lash beds.  ...Let the Fawns & Fellows™ studio space be your private studio space.